Greek Pole Dance Championship

5th Greek Pole Dance Championship

Women Professional

Pole dancing for 2+ years. (If you are an instructor. If you have previously attended or won any professional competitions.)

Women Amateur

Pole dancing for 1+ years. (Must ΝΟΤ be an instructor. Did not take part in any national or international competition in category semi-pro or higher.)

Women Semi-Pro

 Pole dancing for 2+ years. (If you are an instructor). If you have attended competitions but never won (amateur category placement not counted).)

Other Categories

Junior 11-16, Master 40+.

2019/02/23 14:00:00

We can’t wait!!!

We are next to all the Contestants

The Greek Pole Dancing Championship is one of the strongest and most demanding competition in our country. It’s a sport that definitely deserves your attention!


Dance Hours

Practice Hours


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