1. Organiser of the Greek Pole Dance Championship 2019 (named further as competition) is GPDC.
  2. The competition will take place on Saturday 23 February 2019, Place: “Dais” Cultural Center, Marousi – Athens, Greece, Time 14:00 Category Junior Doors Open 13:00
  3.   The competition will take place on Saturday 23 February 2019, Place: “Dais” Cultural Center, Marousi – Athens, Greece, Time 19:00 Category Junior Doors Open 18:00
  4. This competition is made out of one round, and is divided into 5 categories:
    • Juniors: Ages 10-16 years old.
    • Women Professional: Pole dancing for 2+ years. (If you are an instructor. If you have previously attended or won any professional competitions.)
    • Women Semi-Pro:  Pole dancing for 2+ years. (If you are an instructor). If you have attended competitions but never won (amateur category placement not counted).)
    • Women Amateur: Pole dancing for 1+ years. (Must ΝΟΤ be an instructor. Did not take part in any national or international competition in category semi-pro or higher.)
    • Masters: Ages 40+.
  5. Area dimensions and pole informations: Stage 12m x 5,5m, 2 poles (one static, one spinning), height 4m, diameter 45mm, provided by Lupit Pole, distance between poles 3m. If facing towards the stage the left pole is static.
  6. Contestant is a person who meets the following conditions:
    •  Must be a Greek citizen or a Greek resident
    • On the day of registration contestant has to be 18 years old (juniors 10-16, amateurs 17+)
    • Contestant needs to have valid health insurance through out all the competition.
    • Each cotestant sould know the rules and regulations of the competition.
    • Before and during the competition, contestants are not allowed to: Drink alcohol, Take/Use any substance that change mind conciousness, Take/Use any forbidde stimulants, such as steroids,etch.
    • Any aberration of that rule will immediately disqualify the contestant.   
  7. Contestants have to send a “Youtube” video of 3 min max (unedited video of your pole dancing skill) via mail at gpdchampionship@gmail.com
  8. Application deadline is December 15 2018 at midnight. It has to be 1 shot video ( in a studio or at your home but with no disturbing  elements = clean background).
  9. An official registration form will be send to the qualified performers before January 2 2019. By filling out and signing  the registration form, the participants agree to the conditions and terms of the organiser and to the general rules outlined below.
  10. Music can be with or without words. Music should not be less than 3:30min or more than 4:30min for adult categories and less than 3min or more than 4min for juniors.
  11. The contestants, on day of the competition at registry desk, have to provide organisers with music of own choice recorded on CD (only one music piece per CD). CDs must be signed with name and surname, or nickname, if contestant will use such.
  12. The contestants, on day of the competition have to be at the venue of the register 2 hours prior to the start of the event.
  13. The finalists will be scored in accordance  to the SCORING CARD
    • judges can stop the performance at any time if they think that the contestant is at health risk or safety problems, or if the constestant doesn’t obey rules.
    • Judges aren’t obliged to comment on the marks they give to the contestant.
    • Judges make the final decision.
    • The winners will be announced in 30 minutes after final’s end
  14.      Before the Competition and during the Competition it’s not allowed for contestants to remain in any contact with Members of Jury. In case of any hesistation the contestants must contact the Organisers or person assigned by Organiser to stay in contact with contestants.
  15. Costume and performance regulations: (disqualification will follow if any of the following rules will be ignored) :
    • Every costume is individual, however topless, underwear such as thong or any erotic lingerie is forbidden
    • During the performance it is allowed to have the following footwear: ballet shoes, jazz shoes, sport shoes, gymnastics footwear, nothing, high heel shoes, except boots.
    • During the performance it is not allowed to take off any clothes if by taking off, contestant will show any form of not suitable nudity. It is however allowed to take off parts of costumes such us: coat, mask, jacket, skirt, if after taking them off the contestant will remain properly dressed. Any kind of not suitable nudity (showing breast, or intimate body parts) will immediately disqualify the contestant.
    • Not allowed to use liquids, fire, needles, etch
  16. Chemical grips aids are allowed in hands and on body but the must be easy to clean from the pole. All grip aids must be approved by the organisers before use.
  17. The presentation/performance can be repeated:
    • If any technical problems occured not caused by the contestant/s
    • If any technical problems with music occured.
    • If the contestant/s during the first half of hers / theirs performance stoped presentation, because of technical problems with the poles not caused by her / them.
  18.  The presentation/performance cannotbe repetead if it will be stopped by contestant/s uring second half of the presentetion.
  19. the contestants uppon registration will have to pay 20€ as registration fee.
  20. Organisers have the right to:
    • Record the championship and have all the rights to distribute the material.
    • Eliminate videos or photographts that is of not suitable material.
    • Change the rules and regoulations.
    • Organisers don’t take responsibily for the loss of things of the contestants on the day of the competition.
    • Grand special prizes as they see it fit.
    • The organiser is not liable for any injury or damage caused from participating in these event and all entrance are participating at their own risk and free will.
  21. Organisers not later than 24 hours before the competition, will let the contestants know what number their performance will be.
  22. The contestants are able to take part in the general rehearsal the day before the competition at “DAIS” Cultural Centre Marousi, Athens. The schedule will be annunced soon.
  23. Any entrant failing to show up in the event or cancelling her participation less than 30 days prior to the event will be excluded from particating in G.P.D.C. events for the following 2 years. The only exception is an illness verified by a doctor.